• About the Wolf

    About the Wolf

    The Land Rover Defender formed the backbone of the UK military's vehicle fleet for over 25 years. The end of Read More
  • Wolf 90 Specifications

    Wolf 90 Specifications

    Standard TUL Technical data Length 3835 mm (150.9 ins) Width 1910 mm (75.2 ins) Height (unladen) 2150 mm (84.6 ins) Read More
  • Winter/Water Version

    Winter/Water Version

    A relatively small number of Defender Wolfs were converted for use by UK Special Forces. The Royal Marines had a Read More
  • PD87AA


    PD87AA was delivered to the Ministry of Defence on 20th May, 1999. It left military service on Here is a Read More
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My Land Rover Defender Wolf 90, PD87AA. was delivered to the Ministry of Defence on 20th May, 1999. It left military service on 

It has the official military title of "Land Rover Defender Wolf SWB TUL HS GS Soft Top W & W", quite a mouthful! Let me break that down for you;

  • Land Rover Defender Wolf
  • SWB - Short Wheel Base
  • TUL - Tactical Utility Light
  • HS - High Specification
  • GS - General Support
  • Soft Top - As it says
  • W & W - Winterised & Waterproofed

The SWB and TUL bits of the title can be considered sort of synonymous as they both refer to the length of the vehicle. The longer Wolf 100 is known as the LWB TUM, standing for Long Wheel Base, Tactical Utility Medium. The HS designator signifies that the vehicle is a Wolf and that it is considerably stronger and improved over earlier models.The civilian version of the Wolf was given a different name by Land Rover, the Defender XD,  with the XD standing for Extra Duty.

Most of the Wolf 90s produced were soft topped General Support (GS) vehicles, however the final 50 into service were hard topped Fitted For Radio (FFR) vehicles.

Here is a summary of PD87AA;

ERM NSN Asset Code Contract description Colour holdin unit date_in_service Chassis Number engine_no
PD87AA 2320998939933 NB42193100 5547 6429 Army/NATO Green IRR A5969A 21 1999-05-20 00:00:00 SALLDAA67XA162455 N/A