We flew up the coast to Siletz Bay State Airport (S45) today to visit the Salishan Resort for a coffee. The last few days has seen a lot of rain pass through the area but today the skies were clear with only light winds from the east. An easterly wind flowing over the Coast Range will always create bumps along the Oregon Coast and today was no different, at least the strong northwesterly wind was not howling as it was a few weeks ago. There was very little in the way of activity at any of the airports in the area which was suprising as the weather was so good, even the airports in the valley were quiet.


Waldport Bridge with a colony of seals laying aound on a sand bar exposed due to the low tide.

Close-up of the sand bar at Waldport where we could see 200 to 300 seals (bottom right).

Newport Airport which was suprisingly quiet.

Siletz Bay State Airport.

Tango Charlie tied up at Siletz Bay. The only noticeable weather was a few cummulous clouds that started to build over the Coast Range.