I've been looking through my pictures of our trip to Joseph and thought that the following pictures that did not make it to my trip report are worthy of being published. They were taken on our flight back to Sisters after leaving Joseph and are of the area to the east and west of Madras, a favourite stopping place for us on our trips to Eastern Oregon. The John Day River, 30 miles east of Madras. Here is a snippet from Wikipedia about it ... 'The John Day River is a tributary of the Columbia River, approximately 281 miles (452 km) long, in northeastern Oregon in the United States. Undammed along its entire length, the river is the third longest free-flowing river in the conterminous United States. There is extensive use of its waters for irrigation. Its free-flowing course furnishes habitat for diverse species, including wild steelhead runs.' Madras Airport flanked by Mount Jefferson. Farmland butting up against Lake Billy Chinnok. The organised farmland on the east side of the lake contrasts greatly against the rough wilderness on the west side.