Having had it's engine rebuilt by Penn Yan Aero, and the initial engine break-in flights completed close to Florence Airport (for obvious reasons) Tango Charlie was ready for it's first serious flights of 2011.

The skies were clear but strong winds were predicted over the mountains. Our original plan to have lunch in Sunriver, requiring a high flight over the Cascade Mountains, was altered to one of flying to a couple of airports in the Valley. Fuel was short as the airport AVGAS supply was exhausted by the Wings 'n Wheels fly-in the previous weekend. There were 9 gallons in the tanks, enough to get us over to Corvallis with a good margin of safety, there we would fuel up and then head north up the Valley to McMinnville.

Crossing the Coast Range was slow due to a 14 knot headwind from the north-east, this was especially unwelcome owing to our limited fuel but keeping to a lower level meant that we were clear of the mountains in good time with the fuel gauges still displaying a positive number.

We landed straight in from the south on runway 34. This allowed for the engine to have a gentle cooldown over 8 miles or so, something that is important while the engine is still running hot due to it's new parts wearing in.